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WMUG Radio at 105.1 FM is a low-power FM station that is limited in its scope of dedicated listening space. The signal will cover Indiana Borough, the Campus of IUP, White Township and the "fringes" beyond. Of the 94,000 people in Indiana County, approximately 40,000 of these reside within our scope of media ministry. Less than 50% of these people are church members, and of the church members, the average attendee number less than 50%. Yet all of these people are potential listeners to a good quality FM radio production that features FAMILY FRIENDLY BROADCASTING under the "Banner" of St. Matthew 5:16. And, the constant reminder will be that WMUG is WORLDWIDE MEDIA UNDER GOD radio!

WE believe that ALL THINGS BELONG TO GOD...and that humankind in entrusted as stewards to work in the "vineyard" of humanity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a redemptive and relational way...using all methods of communications, including the media of radio.







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