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Jim Valletta
Executive with the Reschini Group, helping to identify WMUG-FM



The composition of the program ‘LOG’ for WMUG-FM consists of the widest variety of Christian music, which is made possible by the fact that we are “computer generated” as compared with “satellite generated.”

Satellite –generated programming is transmitted via satellite from some distant point.   “Computer-generated” means that everything that is played on WMUG-FM is LOCALLY produced.   Even the syndicated segments have to be loaded into our computer system.

                The RCS Corporation in White Plains, NY, was the source of our decision to provide the wide variety of Christian sounds we share with our audiences.  Doug Varner, our Station Engineer, made the contact and later attended classes with the RCS Corporation to assure that WMUG-FM would be capable of providing the wide variety of music our listeners prefer.

                When you tune in to 105.1 FM in Indiana – or to  anywhere in the world—you will not grow weary of listening to the same old thing over and over.

                Also, since The Christian Witness, Inc. is the owner and operator of WMUG-FM, the entire broadcast day is ‘COMMERCIAL FREE.”   We are non-profit, non-commercial, and tax-exempt.   Therefore, financial gifts to this Media Ministry are tax deductible.

                We also listen to our LISTENERS !!!  Please let us know when we can play a selection of music for you!







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