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In 1965, J. D. Varner was healed of an illness. Feeling grateful to the Lord for the sparing of his life, he began to search within himself to find a gift he could give back to the Lord.

As member of Toast Masters International, he entered a speech competition. A woman came up to him following his speech and said, "With a voice like that, you could say anything and people would listen." Her comment provided spiritual direction to J.D.'s life.

In February 1966, J.D. began an interview program with average Christian people on WDAD radio in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The program was then called the Laymen's Witness.

Now in our 45th year... the program has been renamed "The Christian Witness" and has become one of the longest running radio shows of its kind in America! The program still airs on WDAD during "This Sunday Morning" following the 8 o'clock news. This is also rebroadcast on WMUG Radio on Sunday morning at 9:00 am.

Listening to The Christian Witness program is like a verbal "Guideposts"
-- in that people from various walks of life share their stories of how their Faith in Christ took on greater significance.

The program has also become the foundational stone and parent organization for WMUG-LPFM radio. Your comments are always appreciated.






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