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OUR MISSION: To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a wandering, wondering world.

OUR PASSION: The Word of God, expressed through His Holy Bible, inspiring music, and thought-provoking commentary and feature programming.

OUR METHOD: WMUG is a low-power FM radio station, a special classification of radio station established by the United States government, with specific capabilities and limitations. Among those limitations is a restriction on how we present our programming. LPFMs must be "non-commercial". Our advertisers understand that they are performing a service for the public, supporting programming segments in a variety of ways, partnering with WMUG to be a light in a dark world.


LISTENER POPULATION: The primary listening audience for WMUG is from Indiana Borough (population: 14,895) *, White Township (population: 14,034)*, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania (population: 15,000). That is close to 45,000 plus neighboring municipalities such as Rayne Township (3,292)*, Center Township(4,876), Homer City (1,844)*, and many more.

** Source: U.S. Census (2000)

57% of the population in the 15701 zip code (Indiana and White Township) have NO CHURCH AFFILIATION !! This does NOT include IUP!

Vital Statistics:

Power: 100 watts

Location: 105 Coolsprings Road, Indiana, PA

Telephone: 724-349-9684

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