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Daria is the President of The Christian Witness, Inc.   Doug is the engineer who built WMUG-FM and now serves as our station engineer.

Additional Information:  Jesus Christ IS God, no matter how you define "IS."   Was and will be are taken too.   He is the Alpha and Omega...THE  Beginning and THE End....

What must I do to be saved eternally?

BELIEVE upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ...The Father has made it clear to honor the Son, and in that you have done whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done unto Me...He , Jesus, is  God who came to earth as a Man...setting aside His diety and yet being filled with that which comes from the He said, "whatever you see me do, or hear me say...comes from the Father...There are many views on what must be done to be saved...or must continually be done...If you call yourself a Christian, I encourage you to seek God through the Holy Spirit and to  put on , as to say. LEARN Christ... in this matter..Simply put there is one requirement to eternal salvation...BELIEF in Jesus the Christ as being the Son of God, God, on earth as a man, who was born, did die, was raised again after three days, and after 40 days on earth, ascended into heaven to be seated at the highest position of honor (the right) of God the Father...He is absolutely the Saviour of the World to all those who believe. PERIOD

There is more...there is a second salvation that does require something from us...and to the best that we will approach...that we will "walk in the Spirit...we are saved from many troubles and watched out for by the Lord God and His angels...being protected, and kept from stumbling...this is Belief/Faith in action...This is where the Fruit of the Spirit comes from...our actual live/living relationship with the Spirit of God...The consummation of the Spiritual Relationship with God.

By the way...stop looking for perfect...there is only one who was Perfect...and He came to die in our place so that we could have this life...Glimpses of Perfection you may see and that is when I (you) get ourselves out of the way and let the Light of Christ shine through.

 Essentially the sin problem was in place (rejecting the Light, Loving darkness over the Light,) before anyone reading this was born.  You and I did not choose for there to be sin in the world, never-the-less, we all have the sin nature and no hope without Jesus Christ.  At the same time...We have EVERY REASON FOR HOPE, WITH HIM.

My exhortation: Get on with your matter what YOU think...lay hold of that which has been given to you.  You DO NOT KNOW which day is your last day!

Doug Varner, OB GPS PMA
Station Engineer






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